Student preparing for primary examinations using studysmart app modules in laptop

Singapore Education System: Features & Details Explained

In Singapore, all education policies, the curriculum and pedagogy are formulated and implemented by the Ministry of Education or MoE …
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A young child attending online school in Singapore, with a tablet and smart phone in front of her.

6 Reasons Why Education in Singapore is World-Class

Singapore: Leader Of The Global Academic Realm Education in Singapore is in a league of its own, just like many …
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A child prepares for the PSLE exam with the online PSLE learning app.

The Complete Guide to PSLE Exam Preparation

Are you experiencing PSLE exam jitters along with your child? We don’t blame you, for thousands of other parents and …
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A child using AI powered learning app for PSLE exams

How AI Influences Transformation in Education

Artificial Intelligence In Education? Why Not? Did you know that AI (something that you thought was behind the doors of …
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Student actively participating in psle online revision class using StudySmart mobile app

Mathematics: How & Why it “Adds” to Your Success

Math: It is intriguing, tough, complex, omnipresent, dreaded, loved, logical, systematic, and intuitive. There! We’ve used more than half a …
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Happy kid participating in a online learning class using StudySmart

Time Management Tactics for School Students

Students often find it difficult to manage their time efficiently. Classes, assignments, projects, playtime, family time, hanging out with friends- …
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