School girl sitting in school with her other classmates and writing in book with pencil.

Tips and Insights to Remain Stress-free on PSLE Results Day

As the first major academic milestone that every primary school student in Singapore faces, the Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE) …
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Illustration of B plus grade on a white answer sheet - PSLE Scoring system concept

Top 9 FAQs That Explain the New PSLE Scoring System

PSLE: A Brief Introduction Singapore is a country that prioritises its educational system. Here, the PSLE or the Primary School …
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Group of school students discussing the PSLE scoring system using tablet.

New PSLE Scoring System: Benefits & Key Aspects Explored

The Singapore education system is abuzz with news about the new grading system for PSLE. Being one of the most …
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Small school children sitting at the desk in classroom and writing. PSLE exam preparation concept.

What to Expect with Full Subject Based Banding in PSLE

What is Subject Based Banding & Why is it Important? In Singapore, every Primary school student and their parents are …
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Standardized PSLE test sheet with answers bubbled in ,graded with A Plus grades . A pencil placed above the sheet.

Everything You Need to Know About PSLE Indicative Cut-Off Points

What Are Indicative CutOff points? The year 2021 marked a significant change in the PSLE’s scoring system. The Achievement Level …
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Closeup of PSLE exam answer sheet showing perfect A grade. There is a yellow pencil nearby.

9 Frequently Asked Questions About PSLE Cut-Off Points

PSLE & its Cut-Off Points Students and parents facing PSLE always have doubts and queries regarding the exam, scoring system, …
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Happy smiling girl student showing her good A plus PSLE exam grades.

Ways to Determine Your PSLE Scores With the PSLE Calculator

Is your child appearing for PSLE after 2021? Well, then you know what it signifies. 2021 was the year when …
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Little girl smiling and holding her grade sheets. With the grade Aplus sign on the paper sheet.

The AL PSLE Scoring System: A Closer Look at the Details

AL PSLE Scores – Why do They Matter? Anyone who is a resident of Singapore is well aware of PSLE …
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Scoring System - words from wooden blocks with letters - Explaining the PSLE AL Scoring System.

A Detailed Overview of the PSLE Scoring System

What is PSLE & What is its Purpose? In Singapore, the Primary School Leaving Examination wields as much fame as …
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