The answer sheet and pencil are on a table with a white gradient light falling on it

A Brief Summary of PSLE English

English is an official language used as the medium of communication in most schools. Students need to develop an excellent …
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A chemistry table is surrounded by books and chemical instruments, while the background is a black chalkboard with chemical formulas written on it.

Everything You Need to Know About PSLE Science

A student’s six-year journey in primary school comes to an end with the primary school leaving examinations called the PSLE …
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A young boy has a math exercise on the whiteboard with a blank answer, thinking about it.

PSLE Math Exam Format- A Brief Summary

PSLE mathematics uses various concepts to make candidates think logically, analyze the problems and solve various issues effectively. PSLE maths …
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A young boy in a classroom near the black chalkboard teaches and explains complex math problems.

How to Help Your Child Tackle Difficult PSLE Math Questions

The PSLE Math exam can cause stress and anxiety for many students, more so if they cannot relate to the …
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Several wooden cubes lie on the pale lilac tale; the first three of these cubes have Q & A inscribed on them.

How to Ace PSLE Science – Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

The PSLE is an important milestone in every student’s life in Singapore. This importance places a lot of pressure on …
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An open school notebook and a pen sit atop a light brown wooden surface in a top view

PSLE Science: A Closer Look into the Syllabus & Exam Format

PSLE Science: The Syllabus & its Objectives Science: it is more than just a name for a subject taught in …
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With an abstract background of math formulas, a happy young boy poses with his laptop

A Brief Summary of PSLE Math

PSLE is the short form for the Primary School Leaving Examination, one of the important national level examinations that every …
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Group of students and a teacher are standing in the classroom with pencil holders and pens placed in front of them

Difference Between PSLE Foundation Math & Standard Math

Basic mathematics is vital for measuring, calculating, analysing, and interpreting statistics. Learning the subject of maths is a fundamental aspect …
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A happy young girl student wearing wireless headphone and learning online via laptop placed on a wooden table.A globe ,pen and paper placed on the table along with the laptop

PSLE Singapore – Defining and Examining Its Importance

Singapore would be a great place to consider if you are looking for world-class education. Modern education in Singapore focuses …
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