More than 50% of children attending tuition spend more than $500/month.

StudySmart all the time, or cancel anytime.

From $1 a day per subject.
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Why can’t I sign up for just one subject?

Have you noticed that your child tends to focus on the subject they like and spends less time on other subjects that they are not so good at?

The more they neglect a subject, the weaker they became at it. The weaker they become at a subject, the more they neglect it.

The new AL system has a focus on being holistic, where each subject’s AL score stands independently and affects your total score. Being well rounded in all subjects is far more important than being excellent at just one subject.

And that’s why StudySmart provides a unique “all-or-none” subscription. Using the immense amount of data analyzed, our A.I. system knows when and how to shift focus to subjects that you may be lagging behind in.

Because we want the best, and nothing but the best, for your child.