“The Abused Child” by Madhulika

“The Abused Child” was written by Madhulika, who is in my 2016 “Ace Your Writing” class. In the composition, Madhuliks’s vivid portrayal of the unkind stepmother and effective plot development create a delightful read.  

The Abused Child


Sally slowed down her pace as she walked towards her home. She opened the door slowly, not making the slightest sound. She closed the door quickly and wanted to rush to her room as fast as her legs could carry her. Unfortunately, in her hurry, she knocked into the dining table and a glass of orange juice fell and shattered into a million pieces.


Startled by the sudden noise, Sally’s stepmother, Nancy, rushed out of the kitchen. Once she saw the mess Sally had made on the new carpet, her eyes turned red with fury. Sally’s stepmother glared at Sally, her arms akimbo. “You useless donkey! Can’t you be more careful? I begged your foolish father last week to buy this expensive carpet and you just ruined it!” She screamed dramatically at Sally.


Sally’s face turned as red as a chilli. She could not bear it when anyone said anything bad about her father. “Please do not call my father ‘foolish’.” Sally asked of her stepmother, knowing that her face and limbs were going to turn black and blue again.


“How dare you talk back at me!” Nancy yelled, her eyes ablaze with fury. Sally avoided Nancy’s steely glare and tentatively took hesitant steps backwards. However, her wicked stepmother rushed to her, kicked her and sent the poor girl tumbling over.


Nancy pushed Sally to the shattered pieces of glass. Sally howled in pain as the glass cut her. Blood oozed out of her feet. Without a tinge of sympathy, Nancy gave a kick into Sally’s side. Sally let out an ear-piercing scream and pleaded for mercy but Nancy did not stop. Sally’s plaintive screams were heard by the concerned neighbours. They quickly called the police.


Sapped of energy, Nancy slumped onto the floor panting from the physical exertion. She stared dully at the motionless, limp body lying on the floor. She made no attempt to check on the girl. Suddenly, Nancy heard a volley of loud, urgent knocks on her front door. “Police! Open the door!” Still reeling from the shock, the immobilised Nancy heard the front door click open. Her neighbours and the policemen entered. As if to answer her unspoken question, one of the officers spoke up and said that the neighbours were terrified and had alerted them.


Nancy knew that she had destroyed her own life. Now she had to suffer the consequences. She hung her head in shame.




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