Students’ Successes ….


Before attending Ms Foo’s SS class, I thought that SS was impossible to ace. However, after attending several lessons I managed to obtain an A2 for my O Levels. Great teacher with awesome notes! (Terence, Xin Min Sec)


The SS tuition with Ms Foo really played a huge part in helping me with my SS skills. As my teacher in school was going at a really fast pace, I never did well in SS as I could not catch up. But after having Ms Foo as my tutor, I learnt so much more, even more than what my school teacher taught. Ms Foo played a big part in helping me achieve my A2 from an F9 during prelims. With her responsibility in helping students understand the formats and the “easier way” to do SS, I am sure students under her will do just as well or even better! Thank you Ms Foo for everything and also, for never giving up on me!!! Love ya and you’re the best :-) (Risa, St Margaret’s)


I feel that Ms Foo’s teaching is very effective and pinpoints the most important skills to master. It also highlights the most efficient use of time to achieve the highest possible scores. She covers all the necessary skills in depth and teaches us how to use them effectively. Ms Foo is a very patient teacher and she can identify your weaknesses and help you accordingly. Overall, I feel that the lessons have helped me tremendously in achieving my distinction in Combined Humanities. (Gerald, ACS Barker)


Ms Foo is a very good SS / English teacher. My grades improved from F9 to B3 for SS and C6 to B3 for English. THANK YOU MS FOO! (Joshua, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Sec)


Ms Foo’s approach towards SS and EL is vivacious and insightful. Her study materials are very easy to understand and they cater to my needs in the subjects. She has never failed to answer my queries and always guides me through my work. (Russell, Tanglin Sec)


A1!! Thanks so much for your help and time especially in marking the extra essays! (Nathaniel, St Patrick’s)


The teaching was very good because it focused on SBQ skills which weren’t taught in detail in school. The constant practices given also helped me to familiarise myself with the exam questions. This enabled me to complete the SS paper in a shorter time. (Candia, Cedar Girls’)


Ms Foo is clear-cut when it comes to her instructions, and if there’s something that the students don’t understand, she’s patient enough to explain it clearly, and will go through that question with the rest of the class. She doesn’t spoon-feed either, but will always help if we’re stuck. (Janey, Victoria Junior College)