Disappointment to Triump: C5 to A1 in a few months

Combined Humanities had always been the weakest subject for my daughter, Li Xuan. It did not cross my mind that besides not putting in enough effort, there could be other contributing factors such as poor answering skills. My daughter needed help badly. Li Xuan scored C5 for Combined Humanities (Social Studies & History Elective) in her Sec 4 SA1, and she felt very disappointed. Although it was just a few months before O level, I told Li Xuan not to give up on the subject and to give it another try.  My daughter was initially reluctant to have tuition for the subject and insisted she could cope on her own. However, her negative attitude changed for the better after attending a few lessons of Social Studies with Ms Foo and she was even willing to start History Elective tuition.  Our first surprise came when she scored A2 for Combined Humanities in the prelim exam and I knew she was on the right track for this subject. Under Ms Foo’s continuous guidance, Li Xuan went on to score an A1 for the O level! This achievement of “mission impossible” would not be possible without Ms Foo. The result we get is not just an impressive grade. It is also a boost to Li Xuan’s confidence and changed her mindset towards her future learning. I am very lucky and thankful that at a very desperate moment, I was able to find a very passionate and committed tutor who turned things around for Li Xuan.

(From Mrs Lim, whose daughter Li Xuan did very well at the O Level exams. Li Xuan is now doing her A Level at Anderson Junior College. Congrats to Li Xuan!)