Hard Work Paid Off: C6 to A2 in 2 months

When Jacelyn texted me her O level results, I was overjoyed! The first question that came to my mind was, “What is her score for Combined Humanities?” I couldn’t believe it when she told me she scored A2 for Combined Humanities. This is a real miracle! Who can believe that someone who has scored a C6 in the prelim exam can score an A2 at ‘O’ level !
I recall  when Jacelyn got her prelim results, she was so lost ! She asked me what she could do for the remaining 2 months to improve her Humanities? (We know Humanities is a “must pass” subject especially if you are aiming to go to a JC.) Immediately I checked with her Chemistry tutor whether he had any good Humanities teacher to recommend. He then introduced Ms Foo to me. Due to time constraints, Ms Foo could only take Jacelyn in for her Social Studies, but not the History Elective, class. I was really desperate. I asked Ms Foo whether she could give Jacelyn 1-to-1 tuition for History for just one hour after she ended her Social Studies class … i.e. Ms Foo got to end her day only at 10pm !! To my surprise, Ms Foo agreed. That one-hour lesson per week for two months paid off! I am really very thankful to Ms Foo for sacrificing her resting time to help Jacelyn. According to Jacelyn, Ms Foo is very patient and clear in her explanations and more importantly she knows how to tackle Jacelyn’s weak points and teaches her how to improve on her answering techniques.

(From Mrs Tham, whose daughter Jacelyn got an A2 for Combined Humanities (2016). Congrats to Jacelyn on her excellent results! Jacelyn is now doing the A Levels in Hwa Chong Institution.)