Sec3EL (Thurs, 7:30pm)

Question: Do you think that youths today are overly reliant on social media as a networking tool? Using relevant examples from your society, discuss the consequences of such an over-reliance on today’s youths.

Define key terms: What is social media? What do you mean by overly-reliant?
Thesis statement (your stand)

BODY PARAGRAPHS – one key point for each paragraph. Each paragraph should have PEEL structure: Point, Elaborate, Examples to support, Link back to question

Agree: Overly-Reliant
Para 1: use social media as main form of communication. Not physically meeting the person (remember to use PEEL structure)

Para 2: extensive/heavy use of social media to network with others to get information/data etc – hardly using conventional methods eg library research  –>danger of plagiarism –> students are not thinking anymore  –> LINK Back to main argument about how this extensive use of social media to get info has a downside

Para 3: use social media as a means to express oneself  –> blogging about daily events  –> without blogging some people feel “lost”, lacking in self-identity –> when people “like” you – self-esteem boosted; when negative comments, self-esteem plunges –> psychologically “unhealthy”?

Disagree: NOT Overly-Reliant (counter-argument)
Para 4: Young people are technologically-savvy – move with times, new technology – global phenomenon (acceptable form of communication in this time and age)

Rebuttal: Why you STILL believe youths are Overly-Reliant…
Para 5: Agree that technology is ever-advancing and is a invaluable tool for communication, but this tool should be used judiciously (carefully/wisely) and should NOT be abused. It is NOT healthy to spend too much time in virtual world/online, Rather, one should rather spend the time with people face-to-face, cutting down miscommunication and building genuine bonds.

Sum up your key points and reiterate/emphasise why your points are valid. LINK back to question.

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