O Level English Essay-Writing Workshop 18 March 2014

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Doing badly for your essay-writing in Paper 1, which pulls down your overall English (L1) results? Your L1 is critical for your entry into a JC or Polytechnic! In this workshop we teach you how to write convincing argumentative essays:
1) analyse question correctly so you don’t misinterpret, and fail your essay
2) craft a winning Introduction
3) present a strong argument through coherent paragraphs
4) including that one critical element in your Conclusion that makes it memorable and gets you your A
As a result, you feel more confident about Paper 1, and become more empowered to write a great essay!

Date: 18 March 2014, 1030am-1230pm
Venue: Marks & Stars Academic Studio (#02-08 The Rochester, 35 Rochester Drive, Singapore 138639)

The workshop fee is $150 BUT those who sign up before/by 11 March 2014 will be entitled to an early bird rate of $120.
Places to the workshop are limited and on a first-come-first served basis.
To sign up, please:
1) Drop an SMS to Ms Foo at 96912468 to register, with your full name & school (eg, Mary Tan, ABC Sec Sch)
2) Do an internet/ATM transfer of the fees to POSB Savings 183019066
3) Drop an SMS to Ms Foo at 96912468 to notify payment with transaction reference number
4) Ms Foo responds to your SMS with confirmation of placement upon verification of payment (Official receipt will be issued to student on the day of the workshop)

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