How Do I Create A Credible Plot For My Story?

Good writing requires careful thought. In the P5/6 creative writing class, we have vigorous brainstorming prior to the actual writing. I have found these to be extremely useful in helping students bounce ideas off one another, and then fine-tuning their ideas and to ensure that the overall effect is a story plot that is credible, logical and coherent.

The brainstorming and planning stages are in fact fundamental to good writing. Students are often brimming with ideas for a story. Sometimes, they get carried away and write about things that cannot conceivably happen! As such, we need to guide them as to which ideas will work and which won’t, and why. We have to take them through the critical thinking process. This will sharpen their analysis as they consider various perspectives while crafting their stories.

Unfortunately, many students neglect these first two steps and plunge head-first into the writing itself, thinking that the only way to a “good grade” is to embellish their compositions with lots of “big” vocabulary. The end result is often a story that is disjointed at parts, riddled with “logic gaps” or worse, irrelevant to the theme/question asked, losing precious marks unnecessarily.

So, before you write, PLAN! With a strong, credible plot, we can then think about how to spice up our story using various techniques and details!

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