"A Road Accident" by Seah Kewei

The following is a simple but effective account of a road accident written by Seah Kewei (Primary 5).

 A Road Accident

It was a wet and drizzly morning, I was riding my bicycle to work as usual. I did the same thing every morning, riding to my workplace a few blocks away from where I lived. Traffic was rather heavy in the morning peak hour.

Just then, I saw a puddle of water just ahead of me. In order to avoid it, I swerved my bicycle. In doing so however, I lost control of the bicycle and I skidded on the slippery road.

At that moment, I heard the screeching grind of emergency brakes. I looked up and saw a school bus that had stopped right behind me, missing me by mere metres! Passers-by on the street gasped in shock. Some came forward to help me.

As I was scrambling to my feet, I heard another crash. A truck had crashed into the rear of the school bus. The children on the school bus were screaming and crying in fear. I was terrified and dazed by the turn of events. Someone quickly helped me to the kerb at the roadside and called for the police.

Very soon, I heard sirens in the distance and knew that the police and ambulance were near. As soon as the police arrived at the scene, they investigated the situation and took down my statement. The truck driver and those children who were injured were quickly sent to the nearby hospital.

It was a valuable lesson for me. I learnt I had to be more careful when I was cycling on the road.



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