An Unforgettable Incident


“An Unforgettable Incident” was written by Sadhana, who is in my 2017 PSLE English class. In the composition, Sadhana recounted how she had to endure a bout of food poisoning.

Language Notes:

See the use of similes in this composition. Similes are figurative expressions that contain “as/like” to make a comparison more vivid. Some examples:

Her face was as pale as a sheet. She looked like she had seen a ghost!

The man was so embarrassed by his error his face turned as red as tomato.

When used appropriately, similes enhance your writing, making it more expressive and lively. However, as with any good thing, take care not to overdo it!

Can you spot the similes used in Sadhana’s composition? What do they mean?

 An Unforgettable Incident

It was a windy evening. The sky was pitch dark. The street lights were twinkling like stars in the sky. My parents had an event to attend and would only be back very late that night. I decided to keep myself occupied by watching an episode of my favourite sitcom while lying snugly on my cosy sofa. While I was watching the programme, I felt hungry. I had earlier switched off all the lights to create a “cinematic effect” and I was feeling as lazy as a sloth, so I did not want to get up just to switch on the lights in the living room. However, hunger called and the kitchen beckoned enticingly. I decided to make my way to the kitchen in the dark.

Vaguely, I made out the packet of bread. Reaching for it, I hastily took out a few slices of bread and returned to my show, munching on the bread at the same time. I was so engrossed in the drama on the screen that I could not really taste what I was eating. I was just happy to satisfy my hunger. Like people say, when you are as hungry as a beggar, you will not know the taste of food.

After some time, I felt my stomach churning. It started with slight twitches of pain which grew progressively worse. I made many trips to the toilet. I felt a burning sensation in my stomach. I was drenched in perspiration as I clenched and unclenched my fists, hoping the pain would magically disappear. I could not sleep and kept tossing and turning on my bed, my body limp and cold. My parents were still not back, and just as I wanted to give them a call, I heard the main door click open. My parents were home!

Hearing my agonising groans, my parents rushed to my room. “Mum, you are home! I am having an awful stomach-ache… I am not sure if it is due to those slices of bread in the kitchen…” my voice trailed off as I bit my lips, bracing myself against another sharp pang of pain that seemed to slice through my intestines.

“Oh no! You must have eaten the mouldy bread! I meant to throw it away this morning but forgot! Let’s get you the clinic quickly,” my mother replied anxiously.

My parents took me to the emergency room of the nearby hospital. Dr Tan gave me a thorough examination. He diagnosed that I might have a case of food poisoning. I was admitted to the hospital for further investigations and treatment. After a couple of days, I recovered and was hale and hearty again. I felt as fit as a fiddle! I could not wait to go home to eat all my favourite food again. During my stay at the hospital, I was only given light meals such as porridge, and I really wanted to go back to my usual diet, although I promised myself I would definitely be more careful about what I put into my mouth in future. I would not want to have a repeat episode of that unforgettable experience of food poisoning ever again.



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